World Wide Mating Service

WMS provides a genetic blueprint for the herd that helps you achieve your herd goals.

Improve Profitability: Increase the lifetime volume and value of milk produced with emphasis on economically important traits that are scientifically linked to longevity.

Manage Risk: Manage one of the largest “hidden” costs on the dairy, inbreeding, with up to 10 generations of pedigree analysis. With the discovery of new genetic haplotypes and recessives, the ability of the WMS system to avoid carrier matings is critical to animal health and farm profitability.

Maximize Your Genetic Investment: Customised indexes and sire selection tools tailored to the farmer identify the bulls best suited for the herd and ensure the semen is used to maximize genetic progress.

Embrace Technology: The ability to use female genomic data in the mating process and rank the herd on these evaluations allows producers to embrace new commercial technologies and incorporate them into the breeding program.

Make the Best Use of Your Time: Genetic information changes rapidly, making it difficult to remain up to date on proof data and pedigrees. Experienced WMS consultants are committed to developing an accurate genetic plan for your dairy, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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