StrataGEN minimises the impact of inbreeding.

StrataGEN is a unique sequential breeding system that offers optimal use of genomic insights to achieve individual herd-breeding goals while also minimising inbreeding.

StrataGEN uses genomic insights to categorise both daughter-proven and young sires (with NAAB registration numbers) into one of four unique genetic lines based on common traits they have inherited from their ancestors. Each line is identified with a single color – orange, blue, yellow or red. Color coding the lines makes it easy to understand and implement the system.

Sires will continue to be developed and introduced into the StrataGEN program. Each sire will be genomic tested and categorised into the specific line matching their genetic make-up. The ongoing development of these discrete and intensely selected lines will maintain line consistency and reduce inbreeding when crossing lines, while continuing to build genetic superiority.

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