Beta boost bolus

The beta boost bolus is developed to support fertility in cattle.

  • It contains high content of β carotene for optimal reproductive cycles
  • Positive effect on the development of the corpus luteum and ovulation
  • Heat signs better visible
  • Increased efficiency of 1st insemination after calving
  • Shortening calving interval
  • Reduced risk of early mortality of embryo’s
  • Deficiency of β carotene and vitamin A causes delayed ovulation, delayed development of corpus luteum, irregular reproductive cycles, lack of estrus cycles, repeat inseminations resulting in extended calving interval.
  • Restoring mineral balance
  • Administration: 1 bolus 20 – 30 days before first insemination after calving. Bolus dissolves in 20 days.
  • One bolus is 97 g
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